Commercial Reel

Various commercials.

TV and Film

Kung Fu - For Twitch Studios (now Red Cartel)

A project I very much enjoyed working on as it's kung fu based. I had good fun working out the moves and poses. I wanted this animation to be as realistic as possible while retaining an old school Golden Harvest and Shaw Brothers vibe.

Spin Throw Preview

The preview in which I prefer the beginning angle, rather than the camera angle on the rendered version.

Foot Chase Render

I thought it would be nice to have a close up of the feet which was a popular choice in old martial arts films. I remember being inspired by Leung Kar Yan vs Wilson Tong in "The Victim". This animation was rather tricky and went through a couple of revisions.

Foot Chase Preview

An early preview. At this stage it was still looking a bit stiff in places, but became more loose and fluid when it finally made it to the render.


This scene was supposed to be the opposite of the foot scene where I wanted to have a close up of the hands fighting. It ended up deviating from that original plan where it became a shot with less camera movement.


The preview is a little different from the rendered scene as this was the version where I took out the leap that the male fighter does when the female fighter dodges his double punch. However, the leap made it into the final version. Looking at it now, it does look feel more dynamic in the rendered version. Would of liked to have been able to tweak this scene a bit more.

Final Fight Render

This last scene has quite a bit going on. I spent a good while trying to get the spin kick of the female as realistic as possible but ran out of time trying to sort out the male fighters sweep kick to a level where I felt satisfied. I also think that when she leaps of the guys back , that could of been a little quicker. Nevertheless, I'm quite pleased with how this one turned out.

Final Fight Preview

The preview with out the camera work. The camera work really does help with this type of scene.

Springbox - For Twitch Studios (now Red Cartel)

I really enjoyed working on this piece, trying to achieve realistic behaviour in animals. I spent a good while watching wildlife videos. Some areas could do with a more tweaks, but I had to research the other animals that were also in need of animation.

Springbox Preview

The biped went through a few revisions while animating.

Inca - For Twitch Studios (now Red Cartel)

The first day of animating this, the movement was a bit overexaggerated and was looking a bit too cartoony for the realistic models, so there was much of me prancing about at home and on the office floor trying to get the movement right. An enjoyable project to work on as well as a great company to have worked for.

Inca Preview

Some completed final shots before the render.

Mobile Characters - Twitch Studios (now Red Cartel)

A few animation tests for mobile phone characters. The faces are not animated on these previews. (Faces were animated by another animator when it went to the final renders.)


Computer Games Reel

Most of this is from working at Elixir Studios. The animation styles are semi realistic to realistic. Micro management games are great for animating on as you get to tackle a wide variety of movement, little stories and set pieces.


Red Bandana

This was my first CGI fighting animation created using the stock models in 3D Hash Animation Master. Done in 2002, I had no idea about IK/FK sliders, locking feet, linking objects etc, so this was purely animated with a 2D mindset in regards that as long as there was a keyframe button, I just got on with it. I was learning kung fu at the time so the choreography was made with some of the moves that I had learnt in the classes, on top of being influenced by a truck load of martial arts films. The end sword fight was choregraphed by my friend Theurin (I was learning a pole form at the time, but he was more of a sword type of person). It was great fun as we filmed ourselves rehearsing the scene outside his garden in slow motion (without the flips and splits! Our tight tendons didn't allow our bodies to achieve such feats, so they were added later).
The most fun part was grabbing sound effects from different kung fu films and editing them in. The music is from Tenchu Stealth Assasins on the PS1 - a great game by the way..

Chocolate & Quiz

This animation was based on a sketch by the UK comedy podcast "Answer me this". They enjoyed it and put it onto their website. This was quite fun to do as the sketch had quite a few options for different poses as the actors lines are quite exaggerated.

Word for Word

This animation was based on a sketch by the UK comedy podcast "The Absolute Peach". I had originally completed this animation in 2008, but I wasn't happy with it and went on to do "Chocolate & Quiz". Later, I decided to give it another shot and it's a lot more sharper than the first attempt, but I do often wonder if it would of been better if I had not animated them standing up as finding poses and laying out the performance for this type of freestyle audio conversation was rather tricky.

Pixel Art


Temporary Relaxation
16 Colours. Using the C64 palette although I'm more of an Amstrad CPC palette man myself. Not really a fan of C64 colours, but I had a great time working on this.
Tennis Vs Pong
17 Colours and 59 frames. This took quite a bit of time to complete.
Anti 2D Fighter
22 Colours and 30 frames. Pixel a character in a retro polygon mesh style, with stereotypical goroud shading style colours. There isn't much going on with this, but it was time consuming having to add and delete pixels for the movement of the body either side in order to create the shifting effect. Then it was just a matter of drawing a set of arm frames and adding them on. I should of worked more on the nunchucks blur, but I didn't really know how to tackle it at the time.
Footy Juggler United
3 colour football anim. Had California Games in my mind while working on this.
Stickman Vs Tomic - HellDriver!
7 colours. Drawn and animated using wide pixels. Thought it would be a simple affair. Could I have ever been even more wrong? I was going back and forth on this like you wouldn't believe.
Henry Fawn and the Wishing Tree
6 Colours. This also has a little bit of animation.
Jackie Daniels
16 Colours. Nothing beats a good ol' wild west drinking game. I initially thought that the dithered background was fine, but my old laptop had dodgy viewing angles, so the colours look a little different than I had first thought.
Jesus rises in style!!
13 Colours. This was done for an "Easter Island" competition during Easter. You were also given a particular palette to use. Originally, it was a couple of blokes on the Moai, but I had a comment from someone who said that it didn't feel very "eastery", so I changed the characters to Jesus and Mary instead. Came 3rd in the comp.
Return From Lambeth Palace
2 Colours. I learn't a lot from working on this pic. Trying to get some form of depth using different dither patterns was so much fun. I was pretty pleased how this drawing turned out.
Ready For A Licking?
16 Colours. Using the Amstrad CPC using wide pixels.
What Meat Loaf wouldn't do for love
8 Colours. Competition where you had to work with a tricky palette(CMYNRGB). One of the first animations I did using pixelart with 8 frames in total. At that time I had no concept of dithering, so I ended up fudging it! Didn't get anywhere in the comp, but was well recieved.
The Phantom Squad
4 colours. FPS on the gameboy! This was done using the gameboy palette. Probably wouldn't work in real life..
Sexy Beast!
4 Colours. No - this has nothing to do with Ben kingsley. (It has more hair for starters). It's using the EGA palette. It took a few tries to simulate the hair and get something convincing.
Trust In Me
This is one of the most important pieces of pixelart for me and holds a very special place in my heart. This was the first drawing, where I was learning and understanding the concept of dither patterns. I probably abused them in this particular piece, but the whole learning process was very dear to me.
Umrao Jaan - Dil cheez kya hai
11 Colours. A scene drawn in my own way from the film Umrao Jaan starring Rekha.
Her Fathers Spirit
6 Colours.
Samurai Saber
6 colours. A very awkward palette to use and ended up coming back to this one time and time again.
The Big Footed Migration
12 Colours. 20 Frames
G TV Comedy Alien
14 colours and a many frames!
Terry and His Motor
4 colours using the C64 palette on a canvas size of 320x200
Buildings and cars are done in wide pixels.
People and special effects done in single pixels.
People's Republic Of Ringland
19 colours. The lava effect was created by scrolling wavy lines in different directions.

Media: Card, Plasticine, Polystyrene, Paper, Glue

Unfinished Page test.

Come Here

Media: Card, Paper, Plasticine

Another learning process. The edges around the characters posed many issues, but I figured it out towards the end.


Media: Card, Paper, Plasticine

I wanted to keep the rough sketchy style throughout this experiment.

Double Act

Media: Card, Paper, Plasticine


Media:Card, Plasticine, Paper, Glue


Media: Card, tissue, Polystyrene, Paper, Glue

A lighting and camera test.

Puff and Pant

Media: Card, Paper, Plasticine, Tape, Glue

This is one of the first tests I did. I decided to refrain from using the textured paper.


Media: Media: Card, Paper, Plasticine, Tape, Glue

Page test


Media: Card, Plasticine, Paper

Other Art


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